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We combined mentoring, coaching and consulting for your to grow your business online. This program was created for busy Owners, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Trainers, Coaches, Speakers and Consultants who need actionable strategies to help them ignite their business!


We combined mentoring, coaching and consulting for your to grow your business online. This program was created for busy Owners, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Trainers, Coaches, Speakers and Consultants who need actionable strategies to help them ignite their business!



  • Community mentoring & support group

  • Unlimited email support from our team

  • Live group Q&A sessions

  • 2X Monthly strategy training videos

  • Downloadable Study worksheet and guides 

  • Mobile App Accessibility

  • Bonus: The Build and Grow Podcasts

Here is why I started driving Uber just 7 years ago......

I had a mission! I needed the time and space to work out of me, what was always inside of me. I wanted to speak, coach and build a business to reach a larger audience and solve a bigger problem. Since the age of 19yrs old, I have been delivering messages and talks to help as many people as possible achieve their greatness. I knew that I was gifted with an ability to Speak, coach and mentor people who also wanted to change the world

But... had a Big, Big problem?

My heart was there by my MINDSET needed to be transformed.

YES - I bought the course like I have (5 to be. exact) YES - I paid for coaches who only told what worked for them, instead of coaching around what suppose to work for you. YES - I watched hours of videos and posts of influencers who make you only wished you could be them, while choosing to ignore who you were really meant to be. .

But.. I was still frustrated, overwhelmed and more discouraged than when I started.

Not to mention, the charges to my credit card that kept racking up as I wondered if this will be the magic formula to Finally help me figure things out.

I didn't need more INFORMATION...I needed TRANSFORMATION.

Are you stuck on information overload?

Are you beating yourself up because you can’t figure it out?

Do you feel like you're losing time and motivation?

I Know the feeling, I’ve been there! I’d hate to be the one that has to break the bad news to you, but.. It’s probably not going to get any better unless you make a serious change NOW!

Can I just be straightforward when I say that the real issue isn't "HOW will I do this", but "WHO do I need to help me get this done" . Sadly enough, many people will not make it until they get with the right coach, consultant, and team who is committed to their success, not just their own.

I know you felt ..And right about now you have that sinking feeling right in the pit of your stomach, 

I’ve come to bring good news…it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let me ask you a question,

How valuable would an exclusive weekly mentoring community of real-world coaches, consultants and mentors sharing their success, struggles and strategies be to you?

“A place you can go to get unstuck by your mentors and peers... to get you moving on the track faster!”

My Certifications As Your Coach.

In my 12 years experience as a coach, mentor and consultant I’ve helped many of my clients

break through the barriers of unbelief, fear or lack of confidence that held them back for


If there’s two things I know for sure.. it’s this,

No successful person can do it by themselves.. and no

successful business can do it without a plan!

For years I’ve been preaching the message of coaching, mentoring and community to help my clients breakthrough the barriers in their life and business

…And why Everyone

Really need a coach and mentor!

From beginners to the extremely high Net Worth individuals. Coaching is an absolute must because… it’s not about being what you don’t know,

It is about accelerating the learning process by tapping into the

Wealth of Knowledge found in a community.

This is why I am excited to share with you this exciting


The “Build and Grow Mentoring Community

or B.A.G for short!

We specifically designed this exclusive weekly mentoring community for coaches, consultants and mentors who want to,

  • Connect in highly successful people in industry

  • Have greater impact with your clients

  • Learn the skills and strategies for your business to grow online!

  • To stay on Top of what is working in today’s market! 

Social media platforms are always changing but great strategies usually stay the same.

Developed by years of using tested and tried methods by me helping many break through the barriers in business,

Here is a testimonial from one of our students

What comes in the Build and Grow Mentoring Community?

BAG community directly for $97 (monthly) or $997 (Year - Savings of $167)

Everyone that comes into the Build and Grow Mentoring Community  will have access to, 

  • Easy to follow exclusive trainings videos you’ll learn from

  • Live virtual calls scheduled weekly where you can ask us those hard questions

  • Worksheet print downloads and resources so you can

  • Personal Brand Marketing analysis (by appointment only)

  • Private Facebook Community where you can leave questions for BAG members to engage in and help with! 

  • First access to future Build and Grow Community Mastermind Events in Florida!

  • …And many future benefits for our Build and Grow Mentoring Community!

“Easy access to video content and resources by categories in

our database”

You’ll have access to all of the exclusive content in our Membership site where all of our video content lives, along with accompanied print downloads

If you’re not convinced that the BAG mentoring community is a place for you to grow your business, create your brand, and do it all with a group of other focused, like-minded entrepreneurs who are dedicated to winning in their business.

We’ll refund your Investment for a full 100% money back guarantee! Just send us an email stating you want out of this exclusive members club.

WARNING:This is for serious entrepreneurs. If you're not ready this may not be for you.

But.. for those that are ready and willing to put in the work to 2X, 5X or 10X their income in the next 30, 60 or 90 days!


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